April 1, 2014

.april goals.

Oh man, I had some big hopes for March at the beginning of the month. But as the monthly sped by it felt like I just fell back into my same old routine. I now know that I need to intentionally keep checking in with my goals and my progress. So, I'm going to make sure I have it in my planner half way through the month to make sure that I do! 

I didn't do bad on my March goals though: I walked/ran 52 miles (almost did it every day), blogged more than I usually have (but not as much as I wanted), had less tv time (but man...so many good shows are on!!) and created some pretty good weekly meal plans (but somethings I didn't do it until Thursday).  It's all about progress right, small or large, it's all progress!

Here are my goals for the lovely month of April: 

1. Bake a loaf a bread - I didn't do it last month BUT will do it this month!!!

2. Decrease my intake of soda: uggghhhhhh!!! I am sooo addicted to soda, it's bad...really bad! I drink it all day, all night and rarely take in other liquids. (it's okay to judge me..I deserve it) This month I'm going to start drinking more water and other good liquids for me..not just have a diet soda IV in my arm. 

3. Explore at least 3 new things in PDX: I want to keep learning more this great city we have moved to. There is so many things that Portland has to offer that we need/ want to learn about and experience. I can't wait to share with you what we do! 

4. Groove my body: I loved intentionally making sure I walked/ran a mile a day. I didn't count the activity I did throughout my normal day; walking and lifting at work, running errands, ect. it had to be something I set out to do specifically to move my body. I want to keep it up and maybe add a little bit more choices to like dancing or workout dvd. 

5. Read at least 30 pages a day: last month I didn't read very much or the month before that. I love reading and I need to make sure that I take time to do it. I need to turn off the tv, pick up a book and make it happen. Sometimes I feel like I try to multi-task to much and sitting and reading is a waste of time. WHICH...reading is never a waste of time and I need to change the way I think about it. I LOVE READING...and need to feel like its okay to sit and do it as long as I want. 

Making goals is the first part and now onto the second part, 
making an action plan so I can accomplish my goals. 
This month, this month is going to be a great month!