April 29, 2014

.I found washi tape....

I know, I know...people have been gushing about washi tape for the last year or so. The washi tape bus left like three hours ago and I'm just getting to the bus stop, that's how late I am. I think it was because once I tried to find it at a craft store and couldn't find it, so I didn't try again. So, don't blame me..blame Jo-Anne Fabrics!

Anywho, I found it and I'm obsessed!! I recently conducted a survey for my upcoming business and used washi tape as part of my thank you package.  I created both bookmarks and thank you cards using the tape and was really happy with how it turned out.

When looking for something to send in my thank you package, I found this diy post.  I read it and loved it and copied it. Jessica even provided the pdf quote used for the bookmarks..to good to be true. 

The cards were super simple! I bought kraft cards from Michael's, cut them in half to make post cards, put some washi tape on them, with a hand written note. I love when simple things, turn out so cute!

If you are curious, Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop, is the small business I am working on. I hope to open up shop this summer in Portland, giving kids lots of opportunities for story times while their parents can load up on great kid books!

April 28, 2014

.photo headboard.

Dave and I don't have a traditional headboard...we have one made out of photos. To me it was the simple way to add a little depth without all the cost. Plus, now we get to sleep underneath all of the adventures we have had together!

I used painter's tape to put them up on the wall, which will make it easier to switch up if needed. This is what it looks like from a far, and now here are some of the photos close up!


.Great Falls, VA.


.New York City.


.WhitSundays, Australia. 


.Artist Point, Yellowstone. 


.Melbourne, Australia. 

.Cannon Beach, OR.

.Assateague Island, VA.

I love looking at all the adventures Dave and I have taken since we have been together. I feel  blessed that I have found a partner who loves to travel and see this big world with me. We have already seen a lot in our 8 years together but we got a whole lot more to see!

April 24, 2014

WIW: trainspotting

Dave and I went on a train ride through the Columbia Gorge exploring the country side. For this little adventure, I knew I wanted to be comfortable for the 4 hours sitting in the train but still look cute.

I went with my black tuxedo pants (that basically feel like sweatpants) and a soft sweater paired with studded ankle boots. I was soooo comfortable but still looked fashionable as well, I had found the perfect outfit!

.i love the lace detail on the front of the sweater. 

.the details. 
pants: Lane Bryant
sweater: Lane Bryant
shoes: Target
purse: Loungefly

April 23, 2014

Mt. Hood Scenic Railroad

One of my goals this month was to explore at least three different things in Portland/ Oregon. I didn't waste any time by jumping on the good ole fashion railroad to take in the scenic Hood River area located in the Columbia Gorge.  Dave and I drove an hour in the rain to get to Hood River and board the train. The whole drive there, I was nervous it was going to rain all day long and put a damper on our adventure. However, in good old Oregon fashion the sun came out and shined during the excursion and started to rain again when we got back to our car!

.i love the colors of the train cars. 

The cars we traveled in were mostly from the 1920s - 1940s. You could turn the seats to face others or have some privacy, which was nice (and reminded me of train we would take from Newcastle to Sydney, Australia). You could also walk between cars and get yourself a snack or beverage, if you didn't bring one with you. 

We rode the train for 1.5 hours to the small town of Parkdale, OR. Parkdale is located only 40 miles from the base of Mt. Hood and I'm sure its a sight to see on a clear day. On the way to Parkdale we saw orchard after orchard, making my mouth water thinking of all the delicious fruit this summer. I can't wait to do the Fruit Loop!! The conductor of the train taught us how farmers kept their orchards from frosting over as well as knowing the difference between cherry trees and pear trees (pair trees have rough bark, cherry trees have smooth). AND around 80% of the orchards in the Columbia Gorge are pear!

When we arrived in Parkdale we explored the orchard before grabbing some lunch. After the rain we truly enjoyed walking around the small town in the chilly spring air. We took our time taking pictures everywhere in town before grabbing lunch from the local grocery store. We found the perfect spot to relax and eat before the train blew it's whistle for us to board again. 

All in all we had a fabulous day on the railroad, taking pictures, and having a quick little adventure. Plus the drive from Portland to Hood River is beautiful in itself. We went in early April before spring had officially sprung, I recommend for others to wait until middle of April or later so you have more color outside your train window. 

Dave and I got our tickets through Groupon, but you can also find more information on the Mt. Hood Railroad website. 

April 22, 2014

WIW: dog walking

Do you ever have those times when you just don't want to wear another pair or pants...or all your pants just don't seem to fit? I am definitely in the mood right now. I have a few pairs of jeans out of my many that I ever feel like wearing, but still times I just want to switch it up.  So, I decided that it's the perfect time to start layering my dresses to give me both warmth on chilly days but also spice up my wardrobe. Plus, who says you can't wear your dress as a skirt?!?!

When I put this outfit on, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it. Would it be to much with the print and the graphic...however, I ended up liking it and loved the feeling of being comfortable all day long! Plus, wearing this sweater over my dress makes it more flattering for me than if I wear it with jeans (no muffin top/tire!).  I love this sweater, it's seriously one of the cuter ones I own! 

Have you seen my favorite purse? I think I shared it before, but how can you not swoon over it!! I have been in LOVE with this purse since I laid my eyes on it over a year ago. I use it whenever I can and always try to make sure that my skull is facing out so I can share it's beauty with others. I didn't lie in my other outfit posts, I am seriously in love with my motto boots. I wear them with almost every outfit! Plus with such a spunky print and graphic, I feel that the boots balance it out so the outfit doesn't go to girly girl for me.  

.the details.
dress: Target
shoes: Target
jacket: Forever 21
sweater: Lane Bryant
tights: Lane Bryant 
purse: Loungefly

* Maggie was an excellent sport for stopping on her walk for me to take some pics *