August 10, 2013

WIW: with a cherry on top

Even though it is pretty warm and humid out, I still wear my jeans with a lightweight sweater....cause I'm a little crazy. Actually, I work where (sometimes) it is air conditioned and I can be at the perfect temperature to wear this outfit.  If I get warm, I just roll up the sleeves and am on my way. 

You would not believe how many compliments on get on this sweater from both coworkers and customers. It's the perfect basic sweater, which I think it was makes it appealing to so many people. I love pairing this sweater with my red skinny jeans because I believe it gives it a POP and makes more of a statement!

.this is the first time I wore my hair down in MONTHS.......haaa.

.the details.

.pants: Old Navy. 
.sweater: Old Navy.
.shoes: Target.
.glasses: Ray-Ban.