March 22, 2013

.music therapy.

Tonight I'm having  a dance party all by myself! I've been dancing throughout our apartment for at least an hour now and plan to continue this party for the rest of the night! Last Friday, I hit my lowest point in a long really, low. I got some bad news and the wall that was crumbling through out the year came a crashing down without any warning.

This Friday night, though I am bound to make it different! I NEED to make it different! SO instead of thinking about all the crud in my life and bad news I've gotten over the last week, I am deciding to remember the happy times in life. I made a playlist in November 2011 while in Australia to remind me to think of my friends and work on keeping my relationships strong. I am playing this playlist tonight and thinking about when a friend debuted a dance they created to a backstreet boys song in their room, how i elbowed and kicked some Iowans who weren't being nice in the pit of a concert, dancing with my sister at my wedding to a song that I introduced her to, embarrassing students when belting Justin Beiber in their workspace, and soo sooo many more great memories.

Tonight is about being happy, cherishing those in my life who make me smile, and remembering that I am loved.

These are some songs that make me smile and just dance! What songs bring that smile to your face while you think of the memory associated to it?