December 17, 2012

.apartment holiday decorations.

Since I have done a few posts on diy holiday decorations, I thought I would share a few pictures of the rest of our decorations. We don't have to many decorations, since we have a small apartment and not to many areas to decorate.

One of our main areas of decorations is our entertainment center. The theme for our holiday decorations is more rustic/natural decorations with the color scheme in white, reds, and grays. The newest editions to these decorations are the reindeer and bird ornaments! Aren't they darling? I got them at Target for $3 each...a bit pricey for me, but I do love them and will use them for years to come.  I also LOVE the cardboard "R" that I made this year! I have wanted to make a cardboard letter for so long and finally got around to it! *post on it will be around soon!*

An easy way to decorate is by using old Christmas cards sent to you from friends an family as decorations. All you need to do is frame and ta da...cute decoration! These ones above we have had for a few years.The little bird one is the last Christmas card we got from Dave's Dad before he passed away, I'm soooo happy we kept it. Now it will always be part of our decorations! 

During the holiday season you may receive lots of cards and pictures wishing you a merry season. It's always a great idea to display these items to see all the people who love you and are thinking of you during this time. A simple way is to hang some twine/rope and hang the cards with clothespins.  This way it's a cute display adding color to your home and not some cluttered pile on your kitchen table. 

Also around the few rooms in our apartment we have our families old decorations from our childhood. It's always nice to see a little something that makes you smile and think about Christmas when you were a kid. I'm very happy to be able to keep this items and share them with our future children. 

What are some ways you are decorating this year?