January 24, 2012

Adventures with Dad [Part 2]

6) NYE Celebrations: New Years felt like Fourth of July with picnics with friends, fireworks, and cute little kids with sparklers. This was the first NYE I have spent with my pops!

7) Blue Mountains, Katoomba: Dave and I loved the area so much we H.A.D. to take my dad to see the beautiful wonder! We did some hiking, eating, and marveled at how awe inspiring nature is. 

Sitting with Pops and enjoying the view
8) Sydney: We took  my dad to explore the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Manly Beach. He must have really liked Sydney because our first night there he shaved off his mustache, which was older than me!!

9) Hunter Valley Wine Tour: My dad made a statement that he liked wine, so Dave and I took him on a wine tour for his birthday.  We found out that really he only likes cheap wine and Dave and I really don't like wine at all. However, we had a great day out in the beautiful country and tasted some of the best wines in the world...or so I'm told.

10) Taking Silly Pictures: My dad HATES when I take silly pictures of us, he just doesn't understand how excellent they truly are! So during his whole time here, I of course had to document our adventures with at least a few silly pictures. 

All in all the time and adventures with my dad flew by super duper fast! I feel really lucky and loved that he was able to come and be with Dave and I.  I know that this was a once and a life time experience for him and I'm happy I could be a part of it. I know that my mom is smiling away up their in heaven while watching us when we were together in Australia.
Last night in Newcastle, Australia at Newcastle Beach.