August 27, 2011

Sydney Opera House

In 1955 a design competition was announced for a venue that could hold large theatrical productions. The entries had to have a large hall to seat 3,000 and a small hall for 1,200 people, each hall had to be designed for different uses; including holding large meetings to full-scale operas. 233 people from 32 countries entered the competition, but it was one Dane who took the prize, Jorn Utzon. Construction began in 1959 and was completed in 1973, 10 years after the original completion date. The completion date isn't the only thing that went over the original estimate, the total cost of the building was $102 million, $95 million over the original budget! This was Jorn Utzon's first design that had been built and will go down as one of the most iconic and famous in the world.

OOW: Where Have all the Outfits Gone?

I haven't done an Outfits of the Week post since landing in Australia and I really miss doing them. Since arriving here I haven't been inspired by my clothes and find myself wearing the same ole same ole. This may be due to my closet dramatically downsizing as well as wearing pants every day because of the constant chill in the air. This is more of a problem since I only brought two pairs of jeans to Australia, needless to say a girl can only wear the same pair of pants so many times before getting annoyed with them. Thank goodness Spring is only a few weeks away and I can again go back to wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, and at times a pair of jeans!

Here are some pictures of a few things i have been wearing while here in Newcastle:

As you can see the uniform since being here has been pants, vans, shirt, and cardigan. Sometimes the outfit is spiced up with a scarf!

I also am playing around with idea of changing the format on how I present my outfits since I am not entirely sure this is the best one. It may just be an outfit once and a while, one outfit a week, an outfit a day...who knows!

Any suggestions on how you would like the see Outfits for the Week be displayed or changed? 

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